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What are Interactive NFTs?

Interactive NFTs are NFTs that are defined with code: HTML/CSS/JavaScript/SVG...

When they are displayed to users, instead of showing a still image, the code is executed and the NFT becomes Interactive.

This way, anything that works in a browser can become an NFT. Anything.

Create an Interactive NFT

To create an interactive NFT on BeyondNFT, you have two choices

  1. You can use our ZIP Archive Uploader

  2. Or you use our Online Editor to create NFT and Factories of NFTs

To start create one of those, it's there →

Both have the same base: They are built using HTML/CSS and JavaScript that you can write directly in your browser.

Creation Process

When creating an NFT there are 4 panels that are important:

JavaScript / HTML / CSS / Configuration

You write your code in those panels, and at creation time, they are all automatically combined into one.